Welcome to the ELLZ Self Study page!

**Click HERE for self study websites**

Want more reading, writing or listening outside class?

Want more practice for your course?

The ELLZ is the place to do self-study.

Ask ELLZ staff for more information, or choose a Self Study Pack for yourself and follow these steps:

1. Do the whole pack by yourself. Follow all the advice.

2. If the pack tells you to go to a website, follow the links on the left-hand side of this page.

3. When you finish your self-study pack, ask the ELLZ staff to check it.

4. Do the final writing and put it in the Drop-Box (see the picture).

5. A teacher will check your writing and return it to you.

6. Try and do the writing again, to learn from your mistakes. You can put it in the Drop-Box again if you like.